The company
Who we are

Attrezzeria Precisione Salernitana is a company leader in the production of molds for thermoplastics and thermosets single and multi-resin materials, of molds for die casting of aluminum and other alloys, and molds for classical cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals; it also operates in the field of thermoplastic molding. The company was founded in the early ‘90s; the degree of expertise and the experience gained throughout the years, along with technologically advanced equipment, a qualified staff and certified-quality products, allows this small industry to position itself at the top of the most important country’s productive sectors.

Our mission is to ensure the highest customer satisfaction by offering a product with high technology, top performance and long-lasting. The relationship with the consumer is central to the philosophy of the company: we give top priority to client’s needs and expectations, lining by his needs throughout the relationship, since the beginning of the project until the commissioning of the mold. Our goal is to became, in this way, partner and not simply supplier. The attitude in problem solving leads the organization to travel often in new roads, evaluating alternative solutions always innovative to provide answers immediate, effective and resolutive. APS2