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From design to finished product

The technical department, composed of engineers and designers involved in the CAM, has the most sophisticated three-dimensional modeling. The experience and skills possessed allow you to:

  • Import and export files in popular formats in use; Read any media;
  • Carry out design is made ​​based on mathematical models both on client projects, ensuring compliance with the maximum data security;
  • Make 3D design CAM sending post-processor directly connected to the machine tools with the technical department;
  • Perform mathematical co-design with customers.
progettazione lavorazioni
lavorazione2 All processes are subject to quality controls in every different stages of the production process, in which the metrological control has great importance to check the fitting of the product with the specifications defined in the design phase .
The process ends with the testing of the mold, with the sampling that takes place on the company; the result is the production of a certificate of inspection to guarantee the mold’s proper functionality. .
. One of the most advanced measuring instruments within the company is the CAM2 Arm, a portable measurement arm that allows to perform inspections, check pieces, reverse engineer components and many other operations in a simple and fast way. Faro ARM